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Improving Quality Standards

How can UTS support your organisation to improve quality across it's services? We look at developing your people and processes to achieve better results.

Improving Quality Standards

Our objective is to help you develop ‘well led’ services; that is, services that have the right people and processes in place to ensure they are successful now and for the future

We strive to understand the individualities of your organisation, so that we can provide a unique service that helps you achieve your objectives for improvement and consistently achieve outstanding CQC Ratings


What will managers require to achieve an outstanding CQC Rating?

They need a mixture of skills, knowledge and support, including:

  • Understanding of the 5 Key Questions, and how to make sure their services work around these
  • Ability to complete the documentation required by the CQC within set time frames
  • Knowledge of how to support their staff to work effectively during an inspection
  • The leadership skills and confidence to make necessary changes in their services
  • An understanding of the methods and motivations of the CQC
  • Ability to prepare for and manage CQC inspections, even in their absence from the service
  • Skills required to create action plans on how they will move the business forward and meet objectives
  • An understanding of the CQC’s Framework and inspection model, and how this applies to their service


How will we develop your leaders and managers, and your organisation?

We don’t just provide training courses and qualifications; we strive to understand what makes your services tick, and help managers understand exactly how their service can be improved to reach the CQC Rating you want to achieve

By working in an advisory role, we help them understand their requirements under the CQC and the law, recommendations of best practice, and how you can appropriate these into your services

Some of the ways we work with you include:

  • Collaboration with your learning and development team to provide workforce development plans, training matrix management and training co-ordination
  • One-to-one consultations to help Leaders and Managers understand exactly what they need to improve to get a better CQC Rating
  • Innovative services, including our Mock CQC Inspections, that identify the changes needed within a service to meet CQC outcomes and improve its rating
  • A range of training courses, aimed at different levels of staff, which will give your entire service a robust ability to perform well during inspections
  • A number of Leadership Programmes that will create highly successful leaders, who can inspire change, growth and confidence within their services


How can this help you achieve quality?

These services work together in a three-tiered approach; transforming services into ones that achieve outstanding CQC ratings, developing the managers and leaders of tomorrow, and helping you develop quality care and support services, to ensure you meet success today and for the future

By utilising our services as a Skills for Care Endorsed Provider, we are confident we can help you achieve excellence and improve quality standards across your organisation


For a full list of our Leadership and Management programmes, click here


Or to enquire about working with us, call today on 01727 733 999

Online Training Records

Online Training Records

Our web based learning management system will provide you with the tools you need to access your up to date training records at all times, to produce information on your staff’s training records for CQC and to notify you of when updates are required.

About our Learning Management System
Tailored Training Social and Housing care
Tailored Training

Whilst we have a wide range of programmes written and ready to go, and within any training you have in-house, we will incorporate your organisations policies, procedures and paperwork into our delivery as standard practice, we understand that sometimes you may still need a little something else, something that makes it even more specific to your organisation and your business objectives.

About our tailored training
Pilot Schemes

For large organisations wanting to roll a programme out across the whole staff team, you may want to consider setting up a pilot programme prior to full implementation. We have worked with many customers on pilot projects to ensure programmes meet all required objectives and any change are made from lessons learned prior to full implementation.

About our pilot schemes
Value for Money
Value for money

‘Value’ to our customers has never been about the price;  it is always about the quality of the service they receive and the impact this has on their staff’s practice, their business performance and ultimately the quality of life for the people they support.

Getting value for money

All multi agencies have a responsibility to keep all vulnerable adults and children safe by working in partnership with each other and sharing relevant information which could reduce the risk of harm and abuse.

About safeguarding
Care Act
Care Act

The Care Act 2014, together with a range of regulations and statutory guidance, is the base upon which social care will develop over the next few decades. It enshrines the new statutory principle of individual wellbeing, the driving force behind the Act, and makes it the responsibility of local authorities to promote wellbeing when carrying out any of their care and support functions.

About the care act
Care Certificate
Care Certificate

The Care Certificate is an induction programme that will provide clear evidence to employers, patients and people who receive care and support, that the health or social care worker who is supporting them has been assessed against a specific set of standards and has demonstrated they have the skills, knowledge and behaviours to ensure that they provide compassionate and high quality care and support.

About the care certificate

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