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Lead to Succeed - Developing a Positive Culture

Course overview

This course will support managers to develop an understanding of how to build a positive culture within a team and the benefits this will bring. It will explore how cultural change influences services to be positive and promotes strong leadership. 

Great leadership is the key to sustained positive culture change. Leaders who build trusting environments, communicate effectively, are consistent in their behaviours, and role-model desired behaviours, create sustained positive culture change. 

Throughout the course, managers will be able to carry out self-reflections on their own performance and that of their teams, and will be able to analyse, devise and carry out an action plan for positive change. 

This course is delivered using a range of methods and resources including:

Scenarios, case studies, group discussions and small group activities, reflection of practice   

This course has been developed and mapped to:

The Leadership Qualities Framework 

Course content

To understand what is meant by a positive workplace culture and the benefits it can bring
To explore learners’ roles in developing culture
To provide practical approaches to developing and promoting key aspects of culture

Learning outcomes

  Explain what is meant by a ‘workplace culture’
  Explain the benefits of a positive, values-based culture
  Describe their role in creating a values-based culture
  Describe how to promote a culture that values learning and sharing experiences
  Explain how to support the application of new learning
  Explain how sharing quality learning can have a positive impact on services
  Explain the importance of a safe and trusting culture and how this might support continuous improvement
  Explain own role in developing a culture that supports individuals to achieve outcomes
  Explain how to develop a culture where everyone feels responsible for quality assurance
  Explain the importance of an entrepreneurial culture and the business benefits it brings
  Explain how to lead a team that manages risk effectively
  Develop an initial action plan to implement the learning that has taken place


7 hours

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