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Developing Leadership Styles and Behaviours

Subject category: Leadership and Management

Course overview

This programme will support managers to develop their leadership skills and abilities. During the programme, managers will analyse their own leadership styles and the impact these can have on themselves and others within their staff teams. Good leadership requires deep human qualities, beyond conventional notions of authority, and to become a good leader managers need to have the required attitudes and behaviours that demonstrate their ability to lead their teams and organisations to a high standard.
Managers will explore the subject of Emotional Intelligence and understand how their behaviour within a senior role can impact on others. They will also explore how Emotional Intelligence supports the development of a more effective leader.
The programme will support managers to develop skills in understanding the importance of innovation and change, by explaining to managers why we need change within the organisation. The programme will explore how to propose innovative solutions to improve organisational performance, including assessing opportunities for innovation, ranges of techniques to generate innovative options and the leadership skills required to lead innovation and change.
Managers will also explore how to lead and manage change within their organisation by creating a change management plan, and ways to implement the change within the management plan and monitor the progress against agreed targets.
During the programme managers will be supported to understand how a business plan is structured, when it is appropriate to write one, and how it is linked to the overall business strategy. Along with the implementation of the plan, the whole team will need to work alongside the plan to gain outstanding results.
Finally, managers will learn how to use negotiation skills, including body language, communication and listening skills, in order to encourage a positive outcome to take business ideas forward, and supporting them on how to deal with difficult negotiation situations. The managers will gain an understanding of the importance of influencing without authority and how to utilise these skills to help drive the business forward.

This programme is delivered using a range of methods and resources including:-
Group discussions, small group activities, scenario based activities, DVD clip and a range of service specific equipment if required.

This programme has been developed and mapped to:
Developing People – Improving Care – A national framework for action on improvement and leadership development in NHS-funded services
Chartered Management Institute – Module 3 – Performance Leadership
The National Skills Academy: The Leadership Qualities Framework

ILM level 5 Managing Improvement
ILM Leading Innovation and Change

Manage Business Redesign in Health and Social Care or Children and Young People’s Services

Course content

Understanding leadership
Assessing own leadership styles
Implications of own leadership styles for self and others
Leadership behaviours
Assess own leadership behaviours and the factors that determine good leadership
Develop own leadership styles and behaviours to become a more effective leader

Learning outcomes

  • Explain what is meant by leadership
  • Assess own leadership styles
  • Explain the implications of own leadership styles for self and others
  • Describe leadership behaviours
  • Assess own leadership behaviours and the factors that determine good leadership
  • Develop own leadership styles and behaviours to become a more effective leader


7 hours

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