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Course Detail

Clinical Record Keeping

Subject categories: General Health and Social Care, Nursing and Health Care

Course overview

This course has been developed to support participants on how clinical writing and record keeping requires staff to assess the weight that should be given to information gathered.
It will show participants how to draw on their knowledge from research, experience and practice - combined with an understanding of child or adult needs within their family or the context in which they live.
This course aims to make learners confident in understanding what is relevant and meaningful to them and then to show them how to write the information down effectively.
This course has been developed and mapped to:
The following units of the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) 2018.
5. Knowledge
6. Critical Reflection and Analysis
7. Skills and Interventions
The Children Act 1989
The Children and Families Act 2014
The Children and Social Work Act 2017

Course content

Person-centred values
Purpose and content of record keeping
Analytical processes
The necessity of good recording in developing analytical assessments
Assessments and an understanding of good practice in recording
Participant’s roles and responsibilities for developing, implanting and maintaining up to date, clinically adroit plans

Learning outcomes

Explain the process of analysis and clinical record keeping
Describe what is fact, what is an “issue” and what is judgement
Explain weight to relevance of information
Use information analytically and how to use chronologies and timelines effectively
Describe what the information might be telling you and to make sense of the information to form a clear plan of action


6 hours

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