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Dementia Champion Programme

Subject category: Dementia

Course overview

This Programme has been developed to support organisations to provide Dementia Champions with the skills and knowledge required to act as Champions. The Champions will be the ‘go to’ people within their organisation when any staff members have questions, queries or require support in the area of dementia. This additional capacity in dementia expertise across the organisation will support a network of people who can share best practice and embed more expertise across the organisation.

This programme includes face to face teaching, self-directed study and completion of assignments.

Course content

Attended 5 days training
Achieved a Level 3 Award in Dementia
An understanding of their role and responsibilities as a dementia champion
Set up meetings and forums as a champion
Clear ideas of how to support others in their role of a champion

Learning outcomes

  • State the role and responsibilities of the champion
  • Explain the qualification pathway included in this programme
  • State a range of causes of dementia
  • Describe types of memory impairment
  • Describe other factors that can cause changes in an individual’s condition
  • Explain why abilities and needs may fluctuate
  • Describe possible impacts of recognition and diagnosis of dementia
  • Explain person centred approaches to dementia care
  • List techniques to meet fluctuating abilities and needs
  • Describe how myths and stereotypes related to dementia may affect the individual and their carers
  • Describe person centred ways of administering medicines
  • Describe common medications available to, and appropriate for, individuals with dementia
  • Explain the importance of advocating for an individual with dementia who may be prescribed medication
  • Complete Unit 2 assignment: Understand the administration of medication to individuals with dementia using a person centred approach
  • Explain the impact of dementia on communication
  • Describe the importance of positive interactions
  • Describe the factors that can affect interactions and communication
  • Explain how to assess if an individual with dementia is in pain or distress
  • Explain how to support individuals with dementia to manage their pain and distress at end of life
  • Explain how the end of life process may differ for an individual with dementia
  • Building networks and organisations to work with
  • Complete assignment for Unit 3: Understand the role of communication and interactions with individuals who have dementia
  • Explain the concept of diversity and relevance when working with an individual with dementia
  • Explain how each individual’s experience of dementia is unique
  • Explain the importance of working in a person centred way and how this links to inclusion
  • Explain how to research the range and purpose of assistive technology that is available
  • Describe how to investigate the effectiveness of the most commonly used assistive technology
  • Describe the positive impact assistive technology can have on the wellbeing and quality of life
  • Building networks and organisations to work with resource list
  • Complete assignment for Unit 4:Understand the diversity of individuals with dementia and the importance of inclusion 
  • Explain asset approach care needs assessment
  • Describe how to develop strengths based interventions and sharing of information
  • Sharing building effective networks and organisations to work with resource list
  • Action plan for dementia champion forums and meetings
  • Describe how to share information across organisations and support others
  • End of programme review 
  • Submission of portfolio


5 days

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