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Occupational Competency Assessor Safe Handling of Medication 3 Day Programme

Subject category: Competency Assessor

Course overview

This programme has been developed to support organisations to build internal capacity for the observation, assessment and development of their own staff.

Skills for Care have produced a document ‘Ongoing Learning and Development’ within which they recommend training refresher frequency and the requirement for competency assessment between learning engagements. With the effective implementation of competency assessors, organisations can evidence that they have achieved the recommendations of best practice.

The role of the competency assessor supports organisations to achieve their workforce development strategy; training costs can be reduced as there will be less requirement for training to be repeated when organisations can clearly evidence that their workforce is highly competent, well supported and developed though good quality, internal competency assessments.

Organisations often want to evidence how learning engagements have had a positive impact on practice. The role of the competency assessor can ensure that good practice is taking place across the business and is continuously developing through their observation, mentoring and feedback.

This course is delivered using a range of methods and resources including:

  • Group discussions
  • small group activities
  • scenario based activities
  • MAR charts and a range medication props.

This course has been developed and mapped to:

  • Skills for Care – Ongoing learning and development in adult social care
  • The National Skills Academy – The Leadership Qualities Framework
  • Human Medicines Regulations 2012
  • Guidance from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

and the following QCF units:

  • Assess occupational competence in the work environment
  • Support use of Medication in Social Care Settings


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Course content

Attended a 3 day programme
Completed a competency assessment
Planned for assessing competency
Demonstrated how to make an assessment decision
Demonstrated how to provide feedback
Completed a competency assessment of safe handling of medication practice

Learning outcomes

State the role of the Competency Assessor
List the benefits of internal competency assessors
Describe how the role can support the organisation to meet CQC standards
State how competency assessments compliment workforce development plans
Explain how to create a learning culture
Complete a self-evaluation document
Describe how to maintain own CPD
Complete competency assessment documents
Describe how to effectively use gap analysis results
Plan for an assessment
Communicate the process to an individual being assessed
Describe assessment methods
Demonstrate how to make an assessment decision
Describe the process of standardisation
Demonstrate how to provide feedback
State how to maintain records
Explain principles of confidentiality of assessment
Give an overview of legislation, policies, procedures and guidelines relevant to Safe Handling of Medication
Complete an individual assessment plan
State how to link performance gaps to personal development plans, training and CPD
Complete a competence assessment of Safe Handling of Medication practice
Provide immediate verbal feedback when unsafe practice takes place
Provide holistic written feedback from competence assessment
Provide a portfolio of the completed competency assessment


3 days

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