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Course Detail

Positive Behavioural Support

Subject category: General Health and Social Care

Course overview

This course has been developed to support staff to work in the best way to support people who display, or may be at risk of displaying behaviour which challenges services. The course will support learners to gain an understanding of the principles of PBS and how to implement this into practice.
Learners will gain an understating of some of the key components of Positive Behaviour Support, the theory, science and values that underpin PBS and how it works in practice. They will also gain information on identifying the purpose and meaning of behaviour’s and the data that they will need to gain as evidence, support strategies will be explored which can be put into place to improve the individuals quality of life as well as the difference between proactive strategies and reactive strategies. 
The course will explore the range of first and last resort strategies that can be used in a crisis. Learners will be able to audit a behaviour support plan that they have bought with them and explore the benefits of using a wellbeing framework for individuals. Staff will also explore and will be encouraged to think about, the connection of wellbeing and happiness focused intervention and behavioural concerns. The course will include what will be needed at organisation level for the successful implementation of Positive Behavioural Support. 
This course is delivered using a range of methods and resources including:
Behavioural Support Plan, group discussions, role play, small group activities and DVD clips.
This course has been developed and mapped to:
PBS competency framework 
Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards 2009 
The Care Act - Safeguarding 
Positive and Proactive Care: reducing the need for restrictive interventions – (Department of Health 2014)
And the following QCF unit:
Promote Positive Behaviour

Course content

The back ground to Positive Behavioural Support
Behaviours that challenge
Social and physical context in which the behaviours occur
Planning and implementing ways of supporting the person which enhance quality of life for both the person themselves and their carers
Human rights
Behaviour strategies
Support within the organisation to successfully implement PBS 

Learning outcomes

Explain the back ground to positive behavioral support 
Describe behaviours that challenge 
List social and physical context in which the behaviours may occur 
State the reason why it is important to work in a person centred way to increase the quality of the individual’s life 
Explain the importance of values and individual’s Human rights
Explore the different modules to behaviour strategies 
Explain the importance of organisational support for successful implementation of PBS 


6 hours

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