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Person Centred Care Champions

Course overview

This two day course has been developed to support staff in the role of a Person Centred Care Champion. A champion has an interest and passion for person centred care & support, with the ability to lead and inspire others to use person centred approaches in their service delivery.
Learners will gain a greater understanding of person centered approaches, how to promote these in the workplace and how requirements of legislation and best practice drive the implementation of these approaches.
The knowledge gained from this course will support champions to promote good practice in person centred care whilst working in services, including residential care homes, hospitals, supported living, housing, domiciliary and homecare.
This course is delivered using a range of methods and resources including:
Group discussions, practical activities, worksheets, small group activities and DVD clips.
This course has been developed and mapped to:
The Care Certificate - Standard 5 Work in a person centred way
NICE Guidelines on Person Centred Care
The Leadership Qualities Framework
The Care Act 2014
And the following QCF unit:
Promote Person Centred Approaches in Health and Social Care

Course content

The role of a champion
Encouraging contribution
Working within teams and with other professionals
Achieving organisational goals
Signposting and support networks
Continuing professional development
Legislation and good practice guidelines in relation to person centred care and support
History of person centred values
Person centred tools including care/support plans, MAPS, PATHS, Circle of Support and One page profiles
Putting person centred values into practice
Making PCP inclusive for all, including those who have limited or alternative methods of communication
Actions and approaches in response to an individual's changing needs or preferences
Capacity and consent
Positive risk taking
Factors that contribute to the well-being of individuals
Promoting and championing person centred care & support

Learning outcomes

Course Content Day 1
State the role of a champion
Describe how to encourage contributions from the individual and others involved
List the benefits of working within teams and with other professionals
State how to achieve organisational goals
List places to signpost to and support networks available
Describe what is meant by continuing professional development
List legislation and good practice guidelines in relation to person centred care and support

Course Content Day 2
Describe the history of person centred values
List person centred tools available
Give an example of how to put person centred values into practice
Describe how to make person centred care inclusive for all
State actions and approaches that can be used in response to an individual’s changing needs or preferences
Describe why capacity and consent should be promoted within person centred care and support
State what positive risk taking is
List factors that contribute to the well-being of individuals
Describe how to promote and champion person centred care & support


2 days

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