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Assertiveness Skills

Course overview

This course aims to develop learner confidence and assertiveness by providing them with key communication skills that will improve their own assertive behaviour, as well as identify and utilise the tools required to solve problems in a non-aggressive or confrontational way.
During the session, learners will have the opportunity to practice assertiveness techniques in a controlled and supportive environment, as well as learn from their own and other people’s experiences.
Learners will also explore the psychological theory behind assertiveness, to build their understanding of the barriers to assertiveness, confidence and self-esteem so that they can work towards overcoming them.
The course is suited to anyone who feels they need to understand assertion skills and improve their assertive behaviour, including front line staff, support staff, carers, volunteers, managers and lead practitioners.
This course is delivered using a range of methods and resources including:
Discussions, role plays, group work and activities

Course content

What holds us back from being assertive
The principles of assertiveness
Recognising passive, aggressive, indirect and assertive styles
How to behave assertively
Reducing tension
Saying no
Disagreeing positively
Praise and criticism
Clear communication
Improving self esteem
Body language and personal presentation
Making requests
Dealing with overload
The essence of assertiveness
Knowing your rights
How to prepare
Making your choices

Learning outcomes

Understand why we are unassertive and the importance of assertiveness
Recognise and improve on own communication styles by looking at the principles of assertiveness and the main styles of assertive communication
Understand the art of being positive and how to improve self-esteem
Use key verbal and body language communication skills to be more assertive in the workplace
Say ‘no’ assertively, disagree in a positive way, and diffuse tension when it is required
Make yourself heard through clear communication


6 hours

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