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Course Detail

Malnutrition and Management

Subject categories: General Health and Social Care, Nursing and Health Care

Course overview

This course has been developed to provide staff with the knowledge and information they require to understand and support the management of malnutrition. It looks at how to support individuals and how to gain positive outcomes to prevent malnutrition and dehydration. 
This course is delivered using a range of methods and resources including:
True or false game cards, group discussions, small group activities, workbooks and DVD clips.
This course has been developed and mapped to:
The Care Certificate Standard 8
Bapen Document: Malnutrition Matters: Meeting Quality Standards in Nutritional Care 
NHS Guidance on Nutrition
And the following QCF unit:
Contribute to Monitoring the Health of Individuals Affected by Health Conditions

Course content

What are nutritional needs?
What constitutes a healthy diet and how to provide this
Assessment of nutritional needs
What is malnutrition? Signs, symptoms, preventions, recognitions
What is dehydration? Signs, symptoms, preventions, recognitions
Multi-disciplinary approach & problem solving
Responsibilities and rights
Conditions that can link with malnutrition & dehydration i.e. depression, Parkinson's disease
Physical, psychological and social implications
Types of food supplements
Feeding techniques
Daily nutritional requirements
Gastronomy feeding
Nasogastric feeding
Educational/skill requirements and responsibilities

Learning outcomes

State the importance of monitoring of the dietary health of individuals 
List the signs of malnutrition
Describe what to include in records and reports 
Describe what effective management of malnutrition means


6 hours

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